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E3 is on the way and we aim to be there. With any luck we'll be able to toss together some interviews for our listening audience. Each year E3 get's bigger and bigger and this year promises to be the biggest yet. With an industry such as this I can't see how this show wouldn't expand every year. And good fortune for us, E3 is based in Los Angeles, CA. this year which means no travelling expenses!!

As we walk the never-ending floor of exhibits we'll be trying to grab all of the info on where this industry is heading. What's working and opening up new horizons, and who's making it possible. Last year Unreal was one of those slated to bring bigger, better features to the first person 3d shooter, and it did...

The gears are turning and we're getting set to bring in some great interviews, developers and designers permitting. Of course life is never guaranteed to be an easy thing, so we'll have to see what we can pull out of our hats. SteveD (UnrealAudio) and Sumbry][ (TheOrg and UnrealAudio) will be attending and will hopefully pick up some great new contacts in the gaming world. This is not a year to be missed!

- SteveD

Show times have been wack lately meaning that internal programming is being reorganized. We expect a great new season with the advent of E3. Please come back from time to time or sign up to be on our mailing list to stay up-to-date on anything new coming along.

Doing our best, but guaranteed to never start on time!

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